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一起牛棋牌 美国Rex Gauge MTG-D材料厚度测量仪

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美国Rex Gauge MTG-D材料厚度测量仪

一起牛棋牌 美国Rex Gauge MTG-D材料厚度测量仪- 详细介绍:

美国Rex Gauge MTG-D材料厚度测量仪

The MTG Benchtop Contact Thickness Gage accurately and conveniently performs geometric dimensional testing (thickness measurement) on rubber, fabrics, foams, tapes/films and a wide assortment of other soft materials. It employs specified presser foot (feeler) of a specific diameter/area and combined with a predetermined mass (weight) as noted in the ASTM D 3767 standard. The MTG system is supplied with our unique air damping feature that controls the rate of decent of the presser foot at the same rate for each test, thus eliminating human error resulting in superior repeatability. If required, the rate of descent can be user-adjusted.

The certified electronic indicator includes 3 SPC data output formats, measures in English or Metric, maximum reading hold, auto off, and left-hand lifting lever. The 6"x6"x 2" (150 x 160 x 50 mm) laboratory grade certified granite base offers a smooth and extremely hard reference plane for precise and repeatable measurments of test samples. The indicator is fitted on an 8 inch (200 mm) tall column that is easily adjusted to be positioned optimally for the specific test sample to be measured.